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Thermal Spray Powders

Thermal spraypowder feature

  • High hardness, great wear-resistant, erodent-resistant and concussion-resistant 
  • Well-proportioned grain, great apparent density and high density.
  • Good capability of spray-welding

Aplication of thermal spray powder

Hvof spray, air plasma spray, explosive spray

Thermal spray powder grades

Sintered & Crushed

WOCO Grade Powder Type Total Carbon Reference Products
YF6 WC94 
5.6-5.9 YQ3
YF12 WC88 
5.5-5.8 515.1
YF11D WC89
3.9-4.3 ASTM-B214
YF12D WC88
3.6-4.2 516.074
YF17 WC83 
4.9-5.2 526.062
YF20 WC80
4.8-5.1 76F-NS
YF10Cr4 WC86
5.4-5.6 554.071

Thermal spray powder particle size

-45+15μm  -45+11μm  -45+5μm   -106+45μm      -125+31μm   -63+11μm  -53+11μm

Thermal spray powder packing:

5 pounds/box (11x11x7cm), 5 boxes in one carton(13*13*37cm)
10 pounds/box (11x11x7cm), 5 boxes in one carton(13*13*37cm)
50 pounds/ barrell(30x30x28)
100 pounds/barrel(30x30x28)

Thermal spray powder quality control

  • All raw material are tested in terms of density, hardness and T.R.S before use.
  • There are strict inspection on process and final products.
  • Each batch of product can be traced.

More information about thermal spray powder

  • Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted or heated materials are sprayed onto a surface. The feedstock is heated by electrical (plasma or arc) or chemical means.
  • Thermal spraying can provide coatings from approximate thickness ranges, 20 micrometers to several mm. This varies depending on the process and feedstock. Coating materials available for thermal spraying include metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics and composites. They are fed in powder or wire form, heated to a molten or semimolten state and projected at high speeds towards substrates in the form of micrometer-size particles. The source of energy for thermal spraying is usually combustion or electrical arc discharge. Resulting coatings are made by the accumulation of many sprayed particles.
  • Coating quality is usually measured by its porosity, oxide content, hardness, surface roughness and bond strength. Increasing paricles velocity, typically increase quality.
  • Thermal spray technology is a new developed surface hardening technology promoted by Chinese government. WC/Co powder is one of the most widely used materials in the area. The coatings formed by nano structured WC based powders have very low porosity, high bonding stergth and low residual stress. Because if its excellent properties, such as excellent wear resistance, corro-sion resistance anderosion resistance, thermal spray coatings are widely used in aropsance, steel, oil, electric power, paper printing, autom-obile, tooling, machinery and so on.

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