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Tungsten carbide floating plugs

tungsten carbide floating plugs from China tungsten carbide floating plug suppliers

Features of Tungsten carbide floating plugs

1. Tungsten carbide floating plugs for mandrel is featured by long working life, fast drawing speed and high cost performance ratio.
2. It is easy to fit into drawbenches.
3. We can manufacture custom tungsten carbide floating plugs according to specific parameters provided by clients.
4. With good wear resistance, our drawing dies can keep working continuously for a long time.
5. Good polishing for die surface and small adhesion endow mandrels with glossy and high-quality surface.
6. Tungsten carbide drawing die for mandrel shows advantages in heat drawing and wet drawing because of high thermal conductivity and superior corrosion resistance.
7. Small friction arises during working, so, electric energy is greatly saved, and working efficiency is increased.

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